How long does roof restoration take?

/How long does roof restoration take?
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How long does roof restoration take?

One of the most in-demand services requested by people throughout Melbourne is the restoration of their roofs. They understand the importance of having a tough and secure roof above their heads. But when it comes to actually restoring your roof, how long does it take? Many people are left scratching their heads wondering how long it takes. As experts ourselves, we got the answers for you:

What Is Included In Roof Restoration? 

When it comes to what exactly is included in the roof restoration process, you can expect the following services. Once again this depends on if you need a complete roof restoration or if you only need to restore certain sections of the roof. So you can expect:

  • Replacing all cracked, broken, chipped or shingles (the tiles of the roof)

  • Filling in all missing shingles on the roof

  • Cleaning the roof completely. This includes two approaches, such as:

    • Cleaning the roof with a high powered pressure hose.

    • Removing all debris, mould, mildew and dust from the roof. This might require us to get onto the roof to remove it.

  • Removing and replacing all the old bedding (the metal sheets underneath the tiles)

  • Painting the roof to assure that is stronger and full of colour

  • Applying a layer of primer and then a sealer to ensure that the colour coating is strong and seal.

  • Repointing the roof with new shingles if required.

The Time Factor

It is vitally important to understand that every roof is different – from its type to its materials (terracotta, metal, slate and so forth) – and therefore when it comes to restorations, each roof needs a different approach. This is where the time factor comes into place, because depending on the condition of the roof, it could anything from three to six days, depending on the weather.

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