Avoid These Tile Roof Maintenance Mistakes

Do you want to give your roof the best possible care? Regular maintenance is the only way to keep a tile roof in good condition. You need to be careful while trying to maintain your rooftop because some mistakes could result in costly damages. Here is a quick look at the most common maintenance mistakes […]

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How Dirt and Grime Affects Your Roof and How to Clean It

It is pretty hard to clean a rooftop. Working at these heights is dangerous, the garden hose usually isn’t long enough to reach, and scrubbing a rooftop in the hot sun is gruelling work. Most people will postpone roof cleaning for as long as possible thinking that a little bit of dust won’t do much […]

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Common Winter Roofing Issues to Watch Out For

The problems roofing companies deal with during wintertime will make your blood run cold. We all tend to focus more on home maintenance and repairs during summer. Everyone knows how harsh those damaging UV rays can be on your home. But winter can also have a huge impact on your belongings. 

A […]

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How to Power Wash A Roof

Rooftops are high up from the ground and yet they can get pretty dirty. Tree debris, moss, dust, and animal droppings are all messes that can make your roof look unsightly. Some of these messes can also permanently discolour your roofing materials.

It is important to wash your rooftop at least once […]

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How to Paint a Roof

A layer of paint on your roof can do wonders for the way your home looks.  Some roofing paints can also make home life a lot more comfortable because they are designed to reflect harmful UV rays which can significantly cool down your home interior.  But the most important reason to paint your roof is […]

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Find the Best Roofer with This Handy Guide

Do you have a pending roof tile repair project but have never hired a roofer before? People always find it hard to decide on the right company to trust when they have no idea what to expect from these projects. If you have no idea what to look for or how to find a trustworthy […]

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Reasons to Restore Your Roof In 2021

The disasters of 2020 sure did change the way we go about our everyday lives.  Lockdowns, restrictions, and the threat of the deadly virus had a huge impact on the way we do things and these changes are likely to affect our life choices for a long time to come.

Despite all […]

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Preparing Your Roof For Storm Season: 4 Tips

Spring presents the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of cooler sunny days by getting your home ready to brave a harsh summer. Australian summers are known for unpredictable and unexpected storms, including heavy rain and strong winds. Your roof is the main point of contact during storm season, so take preventative steps now […]

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When is the Right Time to Paint My Roof?

If you’re looking to spruce up your roof, a new paint job is a simple and cost-effective option. Paint can help preserve and seal your roofing materials, while increasing your building’s curb appeal. Roof painting can be an important part of your roof maintenance routine. It will likely save you money on more costly roof […]

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5 Common Causes of Leaking Roofs

A leaking roof can quickly escalate into a dangerous and expensive problem. Understanding the initial causes of damaged roofs can help you prevent and prepare for structural roof problems. While some leaking roofs can be fixed simply, they also may indicate a larger issue. Always seek professional advice when dealing with a leaking or damaged […]

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