How to Paint a Roof

//How to Paint a Roof

How to Paint a Roof

A layer of paint on your roof can do wonders for the way your home looks.  Some roofing paints can also make home life a lot more comfortable because they are designed to reflect harmful UV rays which can significantly cool down your home interior.  But the most important reason to paint your roof is so your roofing materials will enjoy the best protection.

A layer of paint will protect natural roofing materials like metal, steel, concrete or ceramic from damaging UV rays, wind, hail, and rain.  It is also important to regularly apply a fresh coat of paint.  The fresh coat of paint keeps the other paint coats in good condition and keeps your old paint layers from chipping away over time.

To get effective protection for your roofing materials, you need to use the right roof painting techniques.  Here is a quick how-to for repainting your roof.

Clean the Roof

Before you can paint your rooftop, you will need to clean your roof.  Dirt and lose dust particles will get captured in the fresh coat of paint and can also cause chipping.  To wash your roof, you can simply grab a hose and broom.  Apply water while you scrub the roofing materials using the broom. 

It is better to work your way up from the gutters to the rooftop so you won’t have to step on wet surfaces that could cause you to slip and fall.

Repair Damages

While you are washing your roof, you should keep an eye out for damages.  You should get these damages restored before painting or you can end up wasting a lot of product.  Broken shingles or tiles need to be removed and restored and any leaks need to be fixed before you can start painting.

Let Your Roof Dry

It is important to paint your roof on a sunny day because it needs to properly dry before you can apply a fresh coat of paint.  You should wait at least one hour after washing before you can start painting your roof.

Get the Right Products and Tools

It is important to gather everything you need for painting before you wash your roof.  Invest in good quality water-based acrylic paint. 

Water-based paint is easier to apply and gives you more flexibility since you can wash wet paint off using water. 

You will also need a small paintbrush so you can cover grooves and small areas, a bigger hand paintbrush for larger areas, a paint roller, and a tub for pouring the paint. 

Some commercial companies don’t need these tools because they use airless paint sprayers to get the job done faster and smoother.

Wear the Right Safety Gear

It is important to wear the needed safety gear and accessories when climbing onto your roof. 

You will need long-sleeved clothes and a hat to protect you from the sun.  You should also wear non-slip shoes to help you maintain a good foothold while you work.  

A safety harness is ideal for protecting you while working at heights.  You can buy a harness online but be sure to follow the instructions so you can use it correctly.

Start Painting

You can now start painting.  Carry your paint tub up onto the roof as well as all your accessories.  Apply your harness and add paint to the tub.  You can now paint your roof by using a roller and brush.  Different paint tools will be needed for different surfaces.  The small brush is ideal for reaching in tight areas and the roller will help you work much faster.

Apply At Least Two Coats

Ideally, you should apply two coats of paint.  If there is a dramatic change in paint colours then more than two coats might be needed. 

You should wait 2 hours for the paint to properly dry before you can apply a second or third coat.

Painting a roof is a lot of hard work.  If you are not up for the challenge then you should outsource to a good and affordable roofing company like Singh Roofing that can get the job done for you without any risk to you or your roof.  

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