Key Signs of Damage to Your Roof

//Key Signs of Damage to Your Roof

Key Signs of Damage to Your Roof

There is no doubt that many of us simply take our roofs for granted, as this is not the sort of thing you tend to think about on a day to day basis. The only time you most likely think about your roof is if a problem occurs and by this point in time you may already be facing hefty costs and a lot of labour to get it corrected.

You have to remember that your roof is your protection against everything from unauthorised access to your home through to damage caused by the elements. As such, you need to ensure you keep a close eye on the roof and check it over from time to time for possible signs of damage. 

There are a number of signs that could indicate your roof is in need of repair. Here are five of the main ones you need to look out for.

  1. Cracked, Curled, or Absent Tiles

You should make sure you look out for any irregularities with the shingles on your roof such as one that are curled up or cracked, as this could warrant immediate attention. You also need to look out for missing tiles, which will also need to be looked at as soon as possible by a roofing expert. The earlier you get these problems seen to, the easier the issue will be to resolve.

  1. Light Shining Through

Another thing to do when you are checking on the health of your roof is to go into your attic or the highest room in the home and then look upwards. If you can see spears of light from the sunshine and daylight, you definitely need to have your roof looked at. You should not have any light coming through the roof. Make sure you check this in daylight so you can tell whether any light is coming through.

  1. Leaking from the Roof

A more obvious sign of your roof being damaged is water coming through by way of a leak. You should check for any dampness or wetness on walls as well as any puddles and splashes of water on the floor when it rains. 

If you do notice any, you may be able to trace whereabouts the water has come from. You need to have any leaks sorted out as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the roof and to your home.

  1. Excessive Moss Levels

Many people see a build up of moss on their roofs but think nothing of it. However, it is something you need to tackle because water and moisture can get trapped between the tiles and the moss, which then weakens the tiles. Ultimately you could end up with all sorts of issues including the collapse of the roof.

  1. Sagging of the Roof

Another relatively obvious issue is if your roof is sagging. You may not notice it at first, as the sagging may not be all that obvious. However, once it starts sagging, the issue will quickly get worse and it could end up with total collapse. You should make a point of checking for any slight sagging so you can get the problem sorted out before it put you and your loved ones at risk.

Let the Experts Deal with It

If you do notice any issues when you are checking the roof of your home, it is important to get experts out to take a look so that the necessary steps can be taken. You can do this by getting in touch with the experienced professionals at Singh Roofing in Melbourne.

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