Preparing Your Roof For Storm Season: 4 Tips

//Preparing Your Roof For Storm Season: 4 Tips

Preparing Your Roof For Storm Season: 4 Tips

Spring presents the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of cooler sunny days by getting your home ready to brave a harsh summer. Australian summers are known for unpredictable and unexpected storms, including heavy rain and strong winds. Your roof is the main point of contact during storm season, so take preventative steps now to protect the structural integrity of your home and everything inside! Read below to learn more about how you can prepare your roof for storm season.

  • Repair existing leaks

It is crucial that you find and repair any roof leaks. If ignored, these small problems can turn into expensive and potentially unsafe issues during a severe storm. Roof leaks also encourage mould and mildew growth. Always on the side of caution and fix small problems to save yourself time and money down the track. 

  • Clean your gutters

This sometimes tedious task is easy to forget, but clean gutters are essential to keeping your roof safe during a storm. Clean gutters allow water to flow easily off your roof and away from your home. If your gutters are clogged, water and leaves may pile up and pool on the surface of your roof. Standing water is hazardous to the integrity of your roof, and will make the area more prone to storm damage. Additionally, aesthetics don’t go unnoticed; clean gutters will also boost the curb appeal of your home.

  • Inspect surrounding trees for loose branches

Often enough, a rogue tree limb will cause the most damage to a roof during a strong summer storm. Take a close look at the trees surrounding your home. Do you notice any cracked or sagging branches? Are the bases of your trees firmly rooted in the soil? Loose tree limbs are a major threat to your roof during a storm so contact a professional tree removalist if you suspect that any trees are branches may not be secure. 

  • Check your roof for any signs of damage 

Problems that are present before a storm will only get worse after harsh weather conditions. Search for any cracked shingles, broken gutters, or unusual signs of wear and tear on your roof. If you are not able to safely inspect your roof, get in touch with the team at Singh Roofing for help. The roofing professionals can provide expert advice in storm preparation. Should you need to repair any cracks or leaks, the crew can help you out before storm season is in full swing. 

When it comes to keeping your roof intact during storm season, preparation and preparedness is key! Identify and repair any leaks as soon as possible. Stay on top of cleaning your gutters, and be aware of the trees around your home. Falling debris presents as much of a threat as strong wind and rain, so clear away and potential hazards. If in doubt, the Singh Roofing crew can help you prepare your roof for rough weather conditions, and repair any post-storm damage.

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