Restoring the Roof on Your Melbourne Home

//Restoring the Roof on Your Melbourne Home

Restoring the Roof on Your Melbourne Home

You can restore many types of roofs instead of undertaking a complete roofing replacement. Replacing a roof will be a costly job depending on the type of material you opt for. Since a roof restoration requires a lot less labour and materials it can be done for a fraction of the price.

Typically flat roofs are the only style that make good candidates for roof restoration. Tile and shingle roofs generally cannot be restored. They can however be cleaned and debris that is caught between them can be removed. This will only marginally increase the overall lifespan of your roof. If you hire a roofing company to clean your tile or shingle roof they will be on the lookout for early damage warning signs and can suggest preventative maintenance. For instance, if flashing is loose or there are low quality seals around vents, you can fix these problems for less if they are caught early enough.

The lifespan of shingle roofing can be improved by simply adding another layer of shingles over the top of the existing layers. This is called re-roofing and can save you a lot of money because their will be no labour and landfill costs for roof removal.

Tile roofs can often be reused. The tile can be removed so that a new underlayer can be installed underneath. During this process some of the tiles may break. If they do, your roofing professional will source matching tiles to use. Reusing your tiles will save you a lot of money and the lifespan of the roof will not differ.

Both shingles and tiles can be painted to make them appear newer. This will not alter the lifespan of the roof but it increases curb appeal.

If Your Tiled Roof is Older than 10 Years – A Roof Restoration Will Have the Following Benefits

  1. Stops any moisture from absorbing into the surface of your tiles which is beneficial as it keeps them from becoming waterlogged during lengthy period of rain

  2. Re-pointing of your ridge caps to make them safe throughout high winds and weather episodes. This will protect you and your family in the event of a major storm cycle.

  3. The membrane coating preserves your pointing in three ways. It protects from UV rays, it prevents the pointing from expanding and contacting and saves you money on costly repairs down the track

  4. The membranes coating acts as an anchor over the pointing which helps to prevent is from pulling away from the ridge capping.

  5. It improves the quality and purity of the water run-off into your rainwater tanks.

Our Tiled Roof Restoration Process Includes

  1. Replacing of all cracked and broken tiles

  2. Pressure cleaning the entire roof

  3. Removing ridge caps and re-bed where required

  4. Re-point all ridge caps with flexible pointing mortar

  5. Apply a sealer coat to the entire roof

  6. Apply acrylic membrane in the colour of your choice

  7. Undertaking a quality control inspection

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