Simple Ways to Check for Potential Roof Problems

//Simple Ways to Check for Potential Roof Problems

Simple Ways to Check for Potential Roof Problems

The roof of your home has to cope with a huge amount of strain, particularly when it comes to the elements. No matter how hardy your roof is and how stable you think it is, problems can and do arise, and many are totally unaware of these issues until the worst of the damage is done. This can end up being very costly as well as stressful.

One thing you can do in order to minimise on problems is to carry out some regular checks that will enable you to pick up on issues. You can then catch problems at the earlier stages, which means you can get them sorted out without having to spend a fortune or risk the safety of your property and loved ones. In this article, we will look at some of the simple ways you can check for potential roof problems at home.

Some Key Steps to Take

If you are unsure whether your roof is damaged in any way, you should always get expert advice from professionals. However, there are some simple checks you can carry out yourself to determine whether there may be issues. Some of the key steps to take include:

Checking the Shingles for Damage

One of the most obvious things you can do is actually check the shingles of the roof for obvious signs of damage. This could be cracked or damaged tiles, missing tiles, and even a build-up of moss on the tiles, which could then trap moisture and weaken the structure. If you do not address problems with damaged or missing tiles, you could end up with a very expensive job on your hands not to mention creating a hazard, so regular checks are well worth the time.

Looking for Light Spears

When you get to the highest point in your home, you should not be able to see spears of light coming in through your roof other than through skylights. If there is light coming through, there is an issue that needs to be looked at. So, by going to the highest point under the roof during the day, you can check to see whether any daylight is coming through and if so, you can get a professional to come out and take a look.

Checking for Leaks

Naturally, leakage from your roof is never a good thing and needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. However, you have to remember that leaks are not always obvious, and it could just be a trickle that goes unnoticed. So, you need to actively look for any signs of leakage from the roof by looking for water running down walls, pools of water on the floor, and water stains on the ceiling. If you do notice any signs of leaking, get someone out sooner rather than later, as this could become a huge problem.

Look Out for Sagging

If you notice any part of your roof is sagging, you need to ensure you get someone out as quickly as possible, as this could pose a danger to everyone in the household. When your roof is sagging, there is a very real danger of total collapse, so this does need to be treated as an emergency. Sagging is not always as obvious as you might think, as sometimes it is only slight, but even so, it can pose a huge hazard.

Speak to the Experts in Roofing

If you need a professional to check your roof, or you have issues that need to be addressed, contact the experts at Singh Roofing. 

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