What You Need To Know About Roof Re-Bedding

//What You Need To Know About Roof Re-Bedding

What You Need To Know About Roof Re-Bedding

At Singh Roofing we consider ourselves your local roofing doctor because we can help shape up and fix any ‘sick’ or damaged roof for you. Our roofing experts are constantly hard at work trying to fix damages and extend the life of old rooftops so homeowners can enjoy maximum protection and functionality from your roof.

A common service in older suburbs is roof re-bedding. Roof re-bedding and re-pointing are often done to strengthen old roofs and to extend the durability of these roofs so they will last a decade or so longer.

Still not sure what this means exactly? Here’s a quick sum up of this valuable roof service.

What Is Roof Re-Bedding Exactly?

Roof bedding is the cement mortar inside the roof construction that holds roofing tiles in place. Over time your rooftop is exposed to lots of damaging natural elements such as UV rays, wind, rain, and dirt that wears down this cement mortar. Over time this mortar will start to crack and fall away leaving your roof tiles loose. These loose tiles are now vulnerable to natural elements such as wind and rain. The roof is likely to leak in rainstorms and your roof tiles are easily plucked away in strong winds which aren’t just expensive to repair but is also hazardous to people and to property such as vehicles next to your home.

If your roof is re-bedded, after a period of time, the old re-bedding needs to be cleaned from your roofing tiles and new products need to be installed in its place. This increases the strength of the mortar’s hold onto the tiles and secures your tiles for the next couple of years. Re-bedding is not just done if the mortar falls away. Touch ups can also be done on your present mortar to keep it in good condition and in many cases, your roofing expert will also advise getting roof pointing done.

What Is Roof Pointing?

Roof pointing is another layer that is installed over the top of the bedding. This pointing layer lends extra hold to the tiles and also seals your rooftop from leaks and stops dust from getting into your home.

Why A Roofing Expert Is Needed

Roof re-bedding is no simple task and you do need the right type of equipment and products to execute this repair procedure. It is important to hire a professional like  Singh Tiles for re-bedding your roof so you can be sure that those tiles will stay in place in stormy weather and so you can enjoy great functionality for the next decade to come. If you hire an unprofessional, they might use products that are not adequate and your mortar could end up cracking and falling away anyway. It is also hard to spot these issues from ground level so you might not know about the issue until your roof tiles start coming away.

When to Get Re-Bedding

Roof re-bedding is only required when your old mortar bedding shows signs of deterioration. To see if you need re-bedding you should climb onto the roof and have a look at your tiles. Check the ridge and capping tiles. If there are any upside down or V-shaped tiles on your roof then the mortar likely fell away. You can also watch out for leaks because roof mortar damage usually starts at roof pointing which results in leaks.

Need a professional to take a look at your roof mortars to see if it is time for re-bedding? At SinghRoofing  we are happy to help you check for mortar damages and our roofing experts can get any re-bedding and re-pointing tasks completed for you in no time.

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