Avoid These Tile Roof Maintenance Mistakes

//Avoid These Tile Roof Maintenance Mistakes

Avoid These Tile Roof Maintenance Mistakes

Do you want to give your roof the best possible care? Regular maintenance is the only way to keep a tile roof in good condition. You need to be careful while trying to maintain your rooftop because some mistakes could result in costly damages. Here is a quick look at the most common maintenance mistakes that a lot of people make on tile roofs. 

Failing To Check Surrounding Regions

Roof tiles do sometimes break. They can break if you step on them, if a tree or branch falls on your roof or if the tile slips out of place and falls off. If you notice a damaged roof tile then you should get up there and inspect the surrounding region before you order a replacement. 

Some of the surrounding tiles could also be damaged or cracked and might need replacement. It is better to get all of the damaged tiles on your roof replaced than to be forced to climb up on top of your roof every few weeks for repairs.

Attempting To Re-Use Old Flashing

Flashing is a metal roof structure that overlaps to create a water-tight barrier in certain parts of your rooftop. The flashing needs to be in great condition at all times or you could experience leaks. 

It is never a good idea to reuse old flashing even if the flashing still looks good. This is because the old flashing will start to show signs of wear and tear after just a short while and can result in costly water damage. A new flashing doesn’t cost quite as much and will last a lot longer. 

Overlooking Safety

Safety always comes first. It is very important to wear the needed safety gear and safety harnesses even if you are planning on doing a small repair. It is so easy to slip and fall off a rooftop and the medical cost of these accidents can be tremendous. If you don’t have the needed safety gear for roofing tasks then you should outsource to a professional.

Stepping Directly On Your Tiles

A lot of maintenance tasks might require you to climb on top of the roof. If you put your full weight on a tile or if you wear the wrong shoes, the tiles can easily crack under your weight. Broken tiles can be costly to repair and are avoidable. You should get proper training before climbing on top of your roof or you could end up making your roofing issues a lot worse.

Using Incorrect Techniques

It is quite challenging to get a roof tile out of position for replacement. You need the right tools or you can end up loosening or cracking some of the neighbouring tiles. The new tile also needs to be fitted professionally or you could end up with roofing leaks that can eventually result in costly water damage. 

Using Too Much Washing Pressure

Power washing is a great way to remove dirt and grime from roofing surfaces. But too much force can damage your roofing materials. 

It is also very important to wash your tiles at a downward angle or you could end up spraying water inside your rooftop. Forcing water in an upward direction can also cause roof tiles to loosen, slip out of place and fall off your roof.Want to avoid these common roofing issues? The best way to do this is by hiring a Melbourne professional for your roofing maintenance tasks. With a professional at hand, your rooftop will receive the best possible care and proper maintenance will be done which could extend the life expectancy of your roof.

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