How Dirt and Grime Affects Your Roof and How to Clean It

//How Dirt and Grime Affects Your Roof and How to Clean It

How Dirt and Grime Affects Your Roof and How to Clean It

It is pretty hard to clean a rooftop. Working at these heights is dangerous, the garden hose usually isn’t long enough to reach, and scrubbing a rooftop in the hot sun is gruelling work. Most people will postpone roof cleaning for as long as possible thinking that a little bit of dust won’t do much harm. Unfortunately, dirt and grime have a much bigger impact on your roof than you might think. Here is a quick look at the ways these messes can affect your rooftop tiles.

Clogged Gutters

Roofs are built at an angle so rainwater can pour down without getting inside your roof. This angle also helps keep your rooftop nice and clean because the rainwater will flush debris downward. The only problem is that all of this dirt, grime, and green waste will end up in your gutters. Excess deposits can start to clog your gutters so water can’t drain away properly. 

Metal Parts Are More Likely To Rust

Mud and other deposits will keep moisture trapped against your roofing materials. This moisture and some of the elements in dirt and grime can cause the metal parts in your roof to rust. When this happens, your tiles can start to slip out of place or your roof can start to leak.

Animal Droppings Can Stain Roofing Materials

Birds eat a lot of berries and their stomach fluids contain acids that aid digestion. Some of the foods they eat and their stomach acids aren’t good for your roofing materials at all. These acids can discolour paint or the hue of ceramic and concrete tiles. The longer the droppings linger on your rooftop and the thicker the deposited layer becomes, the more stained your roofing materials can become. 

Dirt and Grime Layers Can Cause Your Paint to Lift

A layer of dirt and grime close to your gutters can soften or weaken the paint on your rooftop. This can eventually cause your paint to lift or crack. Once your paint starts to crack, it will cause a chain reaction and a lot of fragile roofing materials might become exposed to damaging environmental factors. 

There is an increased chance of moss or mould growing on your roof

Dirt and grime contain lots of nutrients that can nourish fungal growths like mould or moss. While moss is relatively harmless, it can discolour your roofing materials. Mould, on the other hand, can be very dangerous to your health and will also wear down your roofing materials. 

Your Roof Will Look Old and Tattered

As more dust and dirt become lodged onto your roofing materials, your roof will start to look shadier and shadier. A big pile of bird droppings or large heaps of leaves and twigs on your rooftop can also be a sight for sore eyes. The messier your roof gets, the more worn down and neglected your home will look. 

Your Property Value Can Be Affected

People associate cleanliness with proper care. The maintenance work of dirty homes is usually pretty far behind. Messy or dirty homes usually need a lot of repairs to get them back up to standard. If your home is on the market and you put up photos of a messy roof and garden then you are bound to struggle to get attention from buyers. 

If your roof is freshly washed and clean, the roofing colours will be more vibrant and it will seem like your home is taken care of. The photos will be more attractive and you can fetch a better price for your house or get it sold quicker. 

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