Roof Maintenance: Repair vs. Restoration

//Roof Maintenance: Repair vs. Restoration

Roof Maintenance: Repair vs. Restoration

Your roof is one of the most structurally important components of your house. It takes the brunt of weather and sun exposure in order to protect you inside. A damaged roof can quickly lead to other serious problems both inside and outside of your home. It is crucial that any issues with your roof are addressed immediately. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse, reach out to the professionals at Singh Roofing with any questions or concerns. 

Damaged roofs can either be repaired or replaced. If you’re in need of roof maintenance, take into account the time and money you are able to spend on your roof. Repair and maintenance are two unique processes. These differences are outlined below. Always seek an expert opinion before committing to a roof maintenance project. 

Roof Repair

“Repair” is a general term often used to describe any roof maintenance projects, including restoration. However, repairs can be narrowed down to solutions that typically address relatively small roof problems such as the following.

Small leaks and damaged tiles: Small leaks or holes can be repaired without the need to completely restore your roof. Cracked or broken tiles can be repaired or replaced quickly. If only a small portion of your roof is damaged as a result of a storm or fallen tree, that specific area can sometimes be repaired on its own without compromising the functionality of your entire roof. 

Roof and gutter cleaning: Roof and gutter cleaning can be thought of as a repair project since a major renovation doesn’t need to take place. Book an inspection with Singh Roofing to learn more about the best option for your roof needs. 

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration projects involve the entire roof. Your roof will get a structural and aesthetic makeover, including small repairs, to keep it functional and beautiful. Even if you don’t notice any significant damage, it is wise to restore your roof if it has been ignored for years. 

Roof Repointing and High-Pressure Cleaning: Roof restoration techniques include repointing, a process that adds a second layer to the top of the existing roof bedding. High-pressure cleaning paired with a fresh paint job can get your roof looking brand new while protecting it from abrasive debris damage. 

General Roof Restoration: A general restoration will entail a thorough cleaning, damage repair, and re-coating of any protective sealants and paints. If your roof is not in complete disrepair, a proper restoration could save you from needing to entirely replace your roof.

Singh Roofing in Melbourne

If your roof is noticeably damaged, give the team at  Singh Roofing a call for a free consultation to learn more about their roof repair services. These experts can help advise you about your roof maintenance plan. Small leaks and cracks should be repaired immediately, but general degradation and debris buildup should be handled with a complete roof restoration service. Save time and money by maintaining your roof before it needs to be completely replaced!

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