Which Rooftops Are Suitable For High Pressure Cleaning

//Which Rooftops Are Suitable For High Pressure Cleaning

Which Rooftops Are Suitable For High Pressure Cleaning

It is important to get your rooftop properly washed at least once a year. Growths such as algae or moss can damage your rooftop permanently and other messes such as bird droppings or grit and grime can discolour your roofing tiles. 

The most effective way to get dirt, grime, and growths removed from your roof is via pressure washing. Power washing is environmentally friendly since no harsh chemicals are used and less water is needed for cleaning. This method is also highly effective since the powerful water jets can get into all of those tiny cracks and grooves on your roof.

Many homeowners do however wonder if it is safe to power wash a rooftop and if all roofing types can be power washed. In this article, we are going to answer these important questions for you so you can get the right cleaning job based on the type of roof you have.

Is It Safe To Get Your Rooftop Power Washed?

Power washing is suitable for most roofing types. In fact, this cleaning method is recommended for most types of roofs because cleaners do not have to step directly onto the roof to get it cleaned and no toxic chemicals are used that could discolor your roofing tiles. 

Which Rooftops Can Be Washed Using a Pressure Washer

Power washers can be used on most roofing types. As long as an extreme water force is not used, power washing is excellent for cleaning slate roofs, rubber roofs, steel or metal roofs, wood roofs, asphalt roofs, and many others. 

Some rooftops are however more vulnerable to water pressure damage than others. The following rooftops should only be washed using water pressure levels that are just a little bit more powerful than your average garden hose.

 You Should Be Safe As Long As You Use A Professional

The best way to stay safe when getting your roof power washed is by hiring an expert for the job. 

Professional roof cleaning companies like Singh Roofing knows exactly what type of water pressure level to use on different types of roofing materials. These professionals will also inspect the roofing materials before attempting to clean your rooftop to ensure that your current tiles have not become fragile over the years.

Professionals also know to use the correct techniques which will avoid flooding of your roof. 

With the right skilled team, your home should be perfectly safe from damage and flooding while all of those stubborn messes are being taken care of. Professional power washing is the best way to restore and revive your natural rooftop without the risk of damaging your home in the process.

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