Common Winter Roofing Issues to Watch Out For

//Common Winter Roofing Issues to Watch Out For

Common Winter Roofing Issues to Watch Out For

The problems roofing companies deal with during wintertime will make your blood run cold. We all tend to focus more on home maintenance and repairs during summer. Everyone knows how harsh those damaging UV rays can be on your home. But winter can also have a huge impact on your belongings. 

A lot of nasty roofing issues can sneak in when the temperatures start to drop. Here is a quick look at the most common roofing issues to keep an eye out for.


Condensation in your attic or your roof cavity usually happens when your roof isn’t properly ventilated. When this part of your home doesn’t have proper ventilation, your home won’t be able to regulate temperature very well either. As moisture builds up inside your roof, you might start to notice black mould and mildew growth peep through the ceiling boards. These growths won’t just damage your ceiling, it can also cause health issues. 

Adding more vents to your roof can solve this problem for good. A good roofing expert can help determine your roof’s square footage and will then be able to calculate how many vents you need.

Temperatures Are Uncomfortable

Uncomfortably cold temperatures inside your home usually mean that your roof lacks proper insulation. 

Without insulation, your electric bill can easily spiral out of control during the winter months. The more artificial heat you create inside your home the higher the electric bill becomes. At the same time, all of this yummy warm air continuously escapes because warm air rises into your ceiling and escapes out through your roof. Proper insulation can make a huge difference in your home comfort and your energy bill during winter.

Leaky Flashing

Flashing refers to metal pieces that direct water away from the areas where your roofing materials intersect. 

Flashing usually doesn’t have the same durability as the rest of the materials of your roof. A lot of contractors will seal the flashing with chalk to extend its durability. But even with chalk, your flashing will eventually deteriorate. Leaky flashings are very likely to happen in the wintertime because this is the time when your flashing expands and contracts the most due to changing temperatures. These changes can cause cracks in your flashing. It is a good idea to get your flashing inspected every year.

Fallen Branches

Wind storms can occur any time of the year. While these storms are less common during winter, they tend to be more devastating. 

It is important to keep the trees around your home trimmed. Falling branches can cause a lot of damage to your roofing materials. Ideally, you should trim tree branches that come within six feet of your home. You should also keep an eye out for dead trees that might fall on your roof. 

Winter is a great time for tree trimming because all leaves have fallen and you have a much better view of the branch structures of the trees in your garden. 

If a tree does happen to fall over on your home, you should get it removed as soon as you can. 

Singh Roofing in Melbourne

It is always good to get roofing problems fixed as soon as you can. Postponing your repairs can leave your roof and your home vulnerable during these harsh months. And if you keep putting your projects off for too long, you can end up with a lot of damage on your hands. Singh Roofing is a terrific roofing company to get for any roofing problems you might have. 

With proper care from these roofing experts, your home and belongings will always be protected.

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