How to Power Wash A Roof

//How to Power Wash A Roof

How to Power Wash A Roof

Rooftops are high up from the ground and yet they can get pretty dirty. Tree debris, moss, dust, and animal droppings are all messes that can make your roof look unsightly. Some of these messes can also permanently discolour your roofing materials.

It is important to wash your rooftop at least once a year. Removing dirt and other messes from your roofing materials can prevent the debris from discolouring your rooftop. While you are up there, you can also check the condition of your roof and get minor problems fixed before these small problems turn into costly damage.

There are two main ways to wash a rooftop. You can either wash it with a hose and scrubber, or you can power wash it.

Out of these two concepts, power washing offers much cleaner results in much less time and this cleaning method is more eco-friendly since very little water is used and you don’t need any chemical cleaners for good results. Here is a quick guide for power washing a rooftop.

Should I Power Wash My Rooftop?

Power washing is one of the most effective ways to remove dirt and grime from roofing materials. You should be very careful when pressure washing a roof. The high water pressure levels can damage certain roofing materials like terracotta if the nozzle is held too close to the roof. If you spray the water at the wrong angle, you can also end up flooding your house.

It is perfectly safe to power wash any type of roof as long as the nozzle is kept at a proper distance and as long as a good angle is used.

How to Wash a Rooftop

To wash your rooftop, you need a power washer with a 1,200 to 1,500 psi pressure range and some good quality nozzles.

You should also get cleaning products that contain sodium hydroxide. These cleaning products are ideal for cutting through tough messes and they help kill bacteria and fungi that might grow on your roof.

You will also need a ladder and some plywood that you can place on top of your roof so you can distribute your weight.If you step directly on roofing materials like tiles, your sudden weight can cause these tiles to crack.

Take along a scrubbing brush so you can tackle stubborn spots on your roof while you work. 

Here Are The Best Steps For Roof Cleaning

  • Use the power washer with some clean water to remove loose debris and dirt from your roofing materials. You should start in the middle of your roof and work your way down to the edges.
  • Give some time for your tiles to fully dry off. When the tiles are dry, you can create a mixture of chemical cleaner and use your power washer on a very low-pressure level to apply the mixture to your roofing tiles.
  • Let this mixture sit for a few minutes so it can loosen stubborn dirt.Now grab your power washer and rinse your rooftop using clean water.
  • You should start at the middle of your roof and work your way downwards.
  • Once you are done rinsing your roof, you should also wash your home’s exterior walls to remove all chemicals.
  • When the roof is dry, you can buff it to remove leftover stains and to create a great-looking finish. 

Final Thoughts

Power washing machines are much easier to use than other cleaning methods. It is still a lot of hard work to wash a rooftop even though you might be using a power washer. Working at heights is always dangerous, the sun can be very brutal and you need to be very careful or you can end up lifting your roofing tiles instead and flooding your home. 
To get the best cleaning job without risking your home or your life, it is always best to leave this tough job in the hands of roof restoration professionals like Singh Roofing. Contact the team today to learn more.

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